Finance Companies Aim To Have Women in Third of Top Jobs

Finance Companies Aim To Have Women in Third of Top Jobs

When a study was conducted among the firms that signed the Treasury’s Women in Finance Contract, it was found that average target of towering women growth was 35%, which has been increased from 27%.

Companies providing financial services are setting a goal to tower the number of ladies to an average of a third at senior management level over the next few years―a study has shown.

The companies, including HSBC, Barclays, and London Stock Exchange Group, exchanged data secretly with the Treasury, which filtered it before forwarding it to analysis by New Financial.

The study discovered that the normal company target will be 35% for the women at senior management level by 2020, up from the existing average of 27%. The percentage of women ranged from 10% to 47% at a senior level in the organizations analyzed. 50% of the signatures of the contract include senior level management members under the custody of women, of which 10 have equal or more women than men in those roles.

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The firms’ goals varied very much, with aims varying from 21% to 50%, and 15 organizations targeting for at least half the female senior management.

Leading banks of the UK have set the majority determined gender diversity goals, according to the study, targeting to tower the number of senior women from 23% to 40% over the next few years.

This had not only led to equal opportunities for the women but also has initiated a beginning of new era which will lead the world to open the doors of new talent in women.###

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